The sweets cause constipation

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Many times, due to lack of drinking water or food intake, hard food reaches inside. Because of this, intestines not run properly. They want water People who drink less water or do not use water during meals, they suffer from constipation. If you are not accustomed to drinking water with food, then after half an hour it is advisable to use water. Inadequate chewing dry food not be digested by intestines. Neither intestines have teeth, nor any shelter for water. Therefore, when intestines attach to these dry particles dissolve by digestive juices, then naturally they slow down, constipation becomes constipated. Drinking more water with food is equally harmful, as much as drinking less. If there is more water then digestive juices will dissolve in water so that their natural energy will be destroyed. Some people use excessive water with food due to habit of repetition, it is also harmful. Take a little sip and take it in mouth with full flavor.


(5) Poor substance and intoxication- When food goes in small intestines, then bile is mixed in it. Liver ghee-oil, etc., acts to digest rich material and which remains , it works as a laxative. So if ghee-oil is eaten more then excessive bile will not survive and constipation will occur. This is reason that nowadays people who consume dessert, dish, desserts and other rich foods remain troubled by constipation. Sweets, sweet-soups, confectioners who sell sundry in sweet and chapatti of tongue are often victims of constipation. Dessert food becomes a part of their habit, where sweets look, their mind slips. Many sensible people also do not give up knowing folly of using more sugar.


(6) Weakness of pulse force – famous natural doctor has mentioned another special cause of constipation. That is weakness of nervous energy. Pulse force of constipation is not soft. Main reason for decline of nerves is error-prone unhealthy diet. Dysfunctional indigestion, indigestion to constipation, constipation of constipation, broken nerves Then, lack of firmness of ideas from all these and other disadvantages of this lack of writes –


‘Prime cause of constipation and true cause are lack of nerves and measures should be taken primarily to keep nerves healthy and active in removal of constipation.’


(7) Haste- Modern civilization has given us another curse – haste we have shortage of leisure. So we want to accomplish all our work quickly. We eat fast pants or neck by eating food. Stomach gets tight. Abdomen who started his work goes on thinking. Subtle are tightened and they not do full digestion by doing full work, obstacles arise in their work. Therefore, we have to suffer curse as constipation. After meal we run away from office. After fasting, after eating food, food of abdomen goes from stomach to intestines. Internal organs of stomach get upset. Inside water starts moving and heaviness appears in stomach. Due to this kind of sequence for some days, digestion gets worse, and constipation is done. Disorder, extreme anxiety, mental distress, distress, fear of a particular thing in office, running a lot, bending down, pressing stomach, tying a box, or staying with English clothes like horses – all these things constipation There are elements that create situation. Be careful!


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