The milk is a good constipation killer

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Vitamin B in food. deficiency causes intestines to weaken and constipation. This reduction is caused by eating too much fried food. Therefore, food should be fresh and plain. You must eat some raw, green vegetables, fruits and vegetables every day. This is highest vitamin in yeast. That is why chestnut bread is a great thing for stomach.

During rainy season every day, add one cooked harvester, a little rock salt should be eaten. In autumn season with honey, in autumn Season, with powders of gum, in winter or winter season, with honey and in days of worker should be mixed with jag. Molasses are round. It is best to use after meals.

Heavy or cold water mixed with alive oil should be consumed according to nature of human being, i.e. hot bile nature should drink warm water every morning and three to four times hot water to cold nature.

Do not stay seated. Exercises of stomach muscles of stomach get exercised due to yogic posture, yoga etc., jumping from play and a walk in morning. Extra help is available in removal of stool.

Use sufficient water. Water not be drunk while eating and drinking after two hours or half an hour before eating. Taking a bath before ordinary bath is also best way to loose stool. Not drinking whole water causes constipation for many. To keep a healthy body, 3-seater water should be used daily.

Due to constipation, due to food which is due to diarrhea, it often causes dryness in intestines and constipation. By increasing lube in diet, excessive consumption of laziness .

If you want to remove constipation, boil and drink in milk of milk in night. Using one week, constipation is removed.

If you want medicine, use a large spoon of corneal. Avoid other fast medicines. As far as treatment is done by an enema and exercise.

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