The fast food is disease causing

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Studies of causes of disease- Where there is stool, there is a disease. The accumulation of stool in one place is a sign of future fear, disease and some kind of malfunction. Sustenance, stool, urine, sputum, exposure, breath, sneezing, sweating, and continuous cleansing of the body from the human body continues to work. If a person wants to live a natural life by eating natural food, then the place will not be available for stopping the stools in the body. Our modern life has become so unnatural that our stools are not able to function properly after organisms. Consider the reasons for this in detail.

(1) Unnatural food: The main cause of constipation is unnatural food. This is where the malfunction starts. Our food is not balanced, we eat many things by being transmitted to the transient taste of tongue, due to which there are two types of defects in the stomach. 1- Sitting more than the result, 2- stale, spicy, spicy, sharp bitter-sweet harmonious mixture to eat food here is to take a kind of sin. People want to get it done quickly. Office clerks, lawyers, students, teachers, railway employees, merchants, etc eat fast. Neither an adequate amount of chew is consumed by food teeth, nor is it a proper blend of digestive saliva. Due to wear trousers, the stomach is caught. Internal organisms do not accomplish private work with serenity. So there are obstacles in the internal work of the stomach. Some people start walking fast after a meal. Or run away on a bicycle. In this, interference in inner physical actions becomes present. Obstruction in digestion is present.

(2) Lack of exercise – A major cause of constipation is the lack of adequate exercise or active life. Imagine that the Seth food has come, the padded pillow is eating pan, the hookah is engaged with the mouth, the radio is listening. Gradually, due to excessive diet, the eyes are twisted. Seth is lying taller there. Begin to snore. Who woke up? Lie down till late. If the eyes open, then you can see four sounds. To get rid of sloth, there is a need for salty sweets. He came and sat, and took the lentils, macaroni, apples, and some sweets. Seth first snacks. When it seems fast chili then sweets tasting seems to be joyful, seduction leads to increase. Then the mind keeps controlling and eat more sweets than the requirement. After two hours the stomach appears heavy-heavy, the sour comes, the vomit is also known. The servant brings the powders daily from the Hakim. By eating some powders till the evening, the stomach grows somewhat by evening.

(3) Lazy lifestyle- Seth program has many flaws. They are in control of the tongue, the rupee is more. So their temptation is easily fulfilled. Regardless of when you eat something. They are irregular, careless, mismatched, unnatural in relation to food. Functioning in their life- (walking, walking, running or walking, simple tasks of house-to-house, bringing goods from the market, playing sports, exercising or swimming) is not only there. When the body does not get an opportunity to act, it will not be taken from the work, then surely it will become a passive and unhealthy, lazy patient. There is a secret rule of body parts that the ingredient that takes adequate work, it grows strong and healthy. It has the power of new power. On the contrary, the ingredient that is left in vain becomes lazy and becomes patient lazy. In the absence of activity, the internal machinery of the stomach also becomes loosened. Digestion also becomes weak. Many times the body stays in one place, staying lazy, staying silent, sleeping, sitting in some particular way, such as boiling, or sticking, or staying in the chair with a trouser-neck belt Constipation is produced.

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