The constipation is due to spicy food

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According to the guru, a daily routine exercise in cement, eating food, bath, and towel at the right time, and good apples, pomegranate, grapes, and guava, etc. should be eaten in more results. It is harmful to take frequent irritation in this disease, but it is very beneficial to ventilate more frequently than to take a cure or to sit in the water until the navel.

Eat a glass of cold water and gradually wake up in the morning. Put lemon juice or a little salt in hot water or drink it in the morning, or drink milk in the milk should be cooked, sweet things should not be eaten, and should be taken away from the drugs like pickle, chutney, hot spices, tea, and coffee.

If possible, eat papaya grapes, etc., in the more appropriate form, the night should be made from flour mill flour.

Constipation Detergent Gold Sources – Some of the experimental rules of different natural therapists are quoted here. By using them in daily life, we can stay away from constipation. In fact, we should reform our habits on the basis of these golden sources-

(1) The first cause of constipation is due to inappropriate diet. For this, tobacco, cannabis, ganja, liquor, etc. should be discarded. Chilies, spices, pickles, etc. should be removed from the food for hot and bitter substances and other foods such as flour, dessert, etc. Green vegetables, fresh fruits, bran flour, pure milk, dried fruits, figs, dates, crowns, mangoes, onions, papaya should be eaten specially. Fresh whey is big useful.

(2) Fasting is needed to give relief to gastric and intestine. Remove the stools stored by an enema during the fasting period. Putting one or two lemon juice or pure honey in water proves to be beneficial. If in the permanent fabrication 4-5 times per day water is taken daily, it is of great benefit.

(3) The soil strip provides a big advantage. It loses stool.

(4) While breathing, the lungs should be filled full of air and throwing the entire air out of it should shrink the lungs. Thus, the function of the digestive organs is thoroughly cleansed due to continuous bloating and shrinking.

(5) Moving on to the stairs of walking can help in getting the stool to flow. In addition to strolling in the evening as early as possible, it will be beneficial to take the opportunity to walk in your day during the day.

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