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It is indisputable that he who is born will have to die. We also have to go to the lap of death. If the preparation of that great journey is done right now, the fear and pain that we will have at this time will not be, ‘There are still many days of a death, or the thing will be seen then’. Tackling is a really big pain in the end. Human life is available for a great purpose, after crossing millions of cohorts and after a long time and labor, we have found that by not utilizing such priceless gems to waste their worthlessly, rather than it, and what stupidity can be.

The great purpose of life is, that we interview God, shed the supreme command. But how many are those who pay attention to this? Nobody is relieved of craving, no sense is full of enjoyment, if someone is getting scared in ego, then there is no illusion in the mess. This golden opportunity is being spent at a very rapid pace by settling these irregularities, but the functioning of our husk runs at the same speed. Death is dancing over the head, do not believe at the moment, do not let the clock strangle, what are you building today, maybe tomorrow, all of this should be left and our camps go to another country. It is a big misfortune to be unconscious in such a heterogeneous Bella. Read! Do not forget now by now! Open the eyes, be conscious, what is life? what we are? What is the world? What is our purpose? Think of these questions as equally important as they understand the bread. By continuously considering these questions, you will go on the path that is called preparation for death. The work that is to be done tomorrow, has to think from today that your death time is not fixed, so preparations should start from this moment from today.

The element of Karma Yoga is the best preparation for death by understanding knowledge and heart. Maya’s fastening binds us so that we cling to them, become ecstatic. Do what you are told in the book ‘What am I?’ And strengthening this belief in your mind, keep trying every moment: ‘I am the indestructible, unconquerable soul.’ The world is a sports field, not my property. ‘The stronger the faith becomes, the more the eyes and eyes of the human being open. Follow the love of women, sons, family, and families, making them the base of worship, not their property. Acquire property but with no purpose, not to be suffering like honey bees. Do all the work the same way as the people of the world do, but keep your perspective the other. Gird up the pyre, make heartbeat repeatedly that ‘things of the world are not your object. The other souls are not your slaves. Either everything is yours or nothing is yours. Either say ‘I’. Or ‘you say’ ‘My’ ‘yours’ cannot live together Just the whole lump of illusion is so much. All knowledge of yoga is to solve this lump. We do sin deeds because our ‘ego’ is very narrow. Expand your greatness, understand others as yourself, no one else is your own. This adoration should be of high quality, as the mother of the mother is against the son. Not like the thief is on the safety of others. Look at the statue of the Lord in worldly life and spread your heart for their worship. Do not give the woman as a slave to you, as if she is sitting in temples like that. You understand the son as great as you believe in god. According to worldly behavior, follow your responsibilities towards them. Fulfill the needs of the woman and be punished for the initiation of education of the son, but beware! smart! careful!

Do not consider them your property. Otherwise, you will be killed badly. You will eat huge heavy cheats and get trapped in such a difficult situation that the bus will not solve the problem, the father of all the sorrows in the world is ‘illusion’. When you say that my property is so, nature kills the cheek and says that fool! You have come from three days to come, this flow has been running from time immemorial. Gold is not thy silver, it is of nature that you consider a woman, it will be your mother many times. Souls are free, no slaves of anybody. The ignorant man says, ‘All this is mine, I will keep it with myself.’ The soul of philosophers screams-‘Ignorant girls! A particle of the world which is dancing at a very fast pace. No object is stable, water is flowing, the wind is blowing, the earth is running, old particles are running away from your body and new ones are coming. You cannot even control a straw. Thus, to enjoy the flow of the river, see if it was stopped, then kicking will be removed. ‘

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